Why Dr. Lane Sebring Thinks Patriot Power Greens is a Good Decision to Help Stay Young

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It can be tough dealing with the negative side effects of aging. You feel like you don’t have enough energy anymore. You have increased risk of contracting diseases like diabetes and heart disease. You suffer from constant pains coming from your muscles and joints. There are many ways to counter the effects of aging and many of them are in the form of dietary supplements. Dr. Lane Sebring, widely considered an expert in the field of anti-aging, highly recommend Patriot Power Greens to help counter the effects of aging.


Dr. Lane Sebring (pictured right)  is one of the brilliant minds that helped formulate the green drink Patriot Power Greens. Here are the top reasons why Patriot Power Greens is worth it for your anti-aging needs:

  • It combats chronic inflammation – One of the primary culprits for the effects of aging that plagues many aging adults is chronic inflammation. These negative effects include joint and muscle pains, loss of vitality, digestive issues, decreased mental acuity, weakened immune system and more. Eating alkaline foods, like fruits and vegetables, is the most effective way to combat chronic inflammation. Fortunately, Patriot Power Greens has them in spades.
  • Your best source of alkaline foods – Patriot Power Greens contains 38 fruits and vegetables in its ingredient profile with each serving. On top of that, it also has 10 probiotic strains and 7 digestive enzymes. For sure, you can still eat your fruits and veggies by buying, preparing and eating them. Let’s face it though; it can be quite a hassle sometimes. Patriot Power Greens is the most convenient way to consume your fruits and veggies.



  • Easily integrated into your diet – Patriot Power Greens may have all these awesome health benefits but unlike many supplements, it actually tastes good and easy to take. No, it doesn’t taste like some potent medicine but a refreshing drink instead. Since you can easily take it and contains only 25 calories, you will have no trouble introducing Patriot Power Greens into your diet.
  • Top health benefits – Patriot Power Greens aims to improve aging adults’ quality of life. With regular intake, you will experience health benefits like improved vitality, muscle and joint pain relief, digestive issues, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved brain health, improved immune system, improved sleep and more. Of course, Patriot Power Greens will not only benefit the aging community but also those who want natural, holistic health.

Patriot Power Greens is undoubtedly once of the best source of nutrition in the green drink world, and it continues to provide adults with a great source of fruits and vegetables. If you’d like more information about Patriot Power Greens, consider reading this review of Patriot Power Greens.