What are the Best Apps to Track Your Sleeping Habits

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A good night’s sleep is quiet difficult to come across nowadays, whether it’s due to work, looking after your kids, insomnia or sleep-related problems like sleep apnea. The good thing is a lot of mobile applications can now provide a more soothing night. The very best sleep-tracking apps include an apparatus like a bracelet or under-the-sheet sensor and therefore are more precise than most stand-alone applications since they have contact with your body during sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping yourself, then perhaps installing a new sleep tracking app on your smartphone will do the trick. Here are some of the best sleeping apps that are worth checking out:

Sleep Cycle

Possibly, the most extensive, minimal and cost-effective of all of the sleep-tracking apps is Sleep Cycle. This doesn’t utilize any additional wearable gadget; only the iPhone or Android smartphone in your bedside (so it can monitor your motions while you sleep) is sufficient for the application to collect data during your sleep cycle. The app times the alarm within a 30-minute time frame that steadily awakens you so that you will feel fresh.

Jawbone UP

Similar to Sleep Cycle, the 100% free Jawbone Up app both for iOS and Android could monitor both light and deep sleeps. The app collects data the accompanying Up or Up 24 wristband gadget, which links to any smartphone with Bluetooth Smart, a power-efficient form of the Bluetooth technology. Inside the app, you will find the number of minutes it took for you to get to sleep within a given day, the length of time you were asleep and the number of times you awakened.


This free app both for iOS and Android features a motion tracker which utilizes the accelerometer. Additionally, it monitors sleep cycles and documents sound levels. SleepBot offers in-depth tables that deal with sleep history by date, sleeping time, wake time, sleeping hours and deficit, or number of sleep lost. It’s really a user-friendly app and is good for beginners.

Sleep Time

As the final addition to this list of the best sleep-tracking apps, Sleep Time is the best go-to application when you need a straightforward, cost-free sleep tracking app. The actual application comes with interesting and beneficial features that will help you improve your own sleep cycle and learn the optimal sleeping times. The Sleep Lab feature within the app is where you can obtain much of your sleeping data from.