WGCP Review – Whole Green Coffee Powder Boosts Focus?

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What is WGCP?

WGCP or Whole Green Coffee Powder is a popular supplement ingredient made from un-roasted, organic green coffee beans, which are approved by the US Department of Agriculture. WGCP is derived from fibrous whole beans. This wholesome food has energizing properties, and it is naturally rich in many nutrients that benefit your health. It is filled with antioxidants too, so it ought to be consumed each day. This product should not be confused with normal caffeine or green coffee extract.

What are the Benefits?

WGCP provides a number of health benefits if you consume unroasted, raw coffee or use it in a variety of supplements.  WGCP can put can end to spikes and crashes, headaches caused by an overload of caffeine, and acid reflux issues.  Additionally, whole green coffee beans offer the some amazing benefits:

  • Stamina that lasts a long time
  • Suppresses your appetite naturally
  • Stabilizes and regulates levels of blood sugar
  • Clinically tested to improve mental concentration

The reason why raw coffee beans are rich in antioxidants, fiber and micro nutrients is that most of these things are destroyed during the process of roasting.  This means that raw coffee beans are far more healthy than traditional roasted coffee beans.  Better still, the fiber that WGCP contains delivers caffeine to the body gradually, so the risks of feeling “jittery” and on edge are minimal – if not absent completely. This is in marked contrast to normal coffee beans, which provide an immediate jolt of alertness; something that not everyone is a fan of.


Does This Stuff Really Work?

WGCP has been clinically tested in a double blind study carried out by the Cleveland Clinic, which is rated as one of America’s best hospitals by the US News & World Report. The product has been shown to considerably enhance memory, concentration, the ability to remain on task and mental alertness. The Cleveland Clinic operates on a not for profit basis, and does not promote any specific product. It carries out clinical tests and reports the data it discovers objectively.

Known WGCP Clinical Studies

  1. Cleveland Clinic WGCP Study
  2. Libertas Academica WGCP Study

WGCP was proven to improve mental focus for five to six hours with no side effects. The test evaluated the impact that WGCP had on the abilities of neurotypical people, who are not ADHD sufferers, to perform executive functions linked to spatial working memory, sustained attention, impulsivity and response inhibition. These executive functions help remote cognitive activity and mental processes that are used in academic study.

To gauge the impact of WGCP on the main executive functions utilized in conventional academic study, researchers at the clinic used the core ADHD battery of the CANTAB (Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery). The test used the withdrawal model to assess the differing effects of Whole Green Coffee Powder, and a placebo, in neurotypical adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.

WGCP should not be mistaken as a cure or treatment for ADD or ADHD. In fact, it is a scientifically proven focus and study aid product.

How can I buy it?

GoBean Endurance Capsules, Endurance Powder and Endurance Drink are available for sale on the GoBean website. The capsules and powder are currently priced at $39.99. The drink is priced at $17.34. These prices exclude shipping and tax.

Supplements that use WGCP

Whole Green Coffee Powder is used in a variety of supplements, some of which we’ve reviewed previously.  These nootropic supplements are incredibly popular in the academic world with students and business professionals.

In Closing: Our Thoughts on WGCP

Given that WGCP has clinical proof supporting its’ energizing properties, without the unwanted side effects of roasted coffee beans, it comes highly recommended. Because its natural fibers release caffeine more slowly than conventional coffee beans, it affects the brain in a more positive way. Thanks to its range of micro nutrients, Whole Green Coffee Powder avoids all the unpleasant spikes, rapid heart beats and jitters often experienced with roasted beans.

As already mentioned, green coffee extract and WGCP are two different things.  These extracts are still available for sale today, however they are nowhere near as effective as Whole Green Coffee Powder. Green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid, which by itself has far less positive effects than whole beans, which contain lots of healthy acids not found anywhere else.

WGCP Review – Whole Green Coffee Powder Boosts Focus?

What is WGCP? WGCP or Whole Green Coffee Powder is a popular supplement ingredient made from un-roasted, organic green coffee beans, which are approved by

WGCP (whole green coffee powder) can be an effective way to boost concentration and strengthen memory throughout the day due to the gradual delivery process of caffeine.
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