TruFlow – How an Unexpected Combination of Ingredients Is Helping Men Find Relief

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Force Factor TruFlow

Relieve the #1 Symptom of an Aging Prostate with TruFlow

The lack of general knowledge surrounding the male prostate is concerning. It’s a vitally important gland that plays a crucial role in men’s daily lives, but a majority of Americans don’t even know what it does, let alone know the symptoms of an aging prostate.

The men who do understand how an aging prostate can affect them have been using supplements to address their issues for years, but everyone else has been left in the dark for far too long.

Force Factor, the makers of TruFlow, wanted to release a formula that could help men who are currently using inferior supplements experience even more relief, while also educating an entirely new (and much larger) group of men on how best to care for their prostate health.

This new formula is packed with high quality ingredients which get to work quickly thanks to the novel softgel delivery system, and it has already helped real men experience real results. Read on to learn more about TruFlow, and how for a limited time you can try before you buy.


What Is TruFlow?

TruFlow is a powerful prostate support supplement by Force Factor that was designed to help reduce nighttime urges to use the bathroom AND help you sleep more soundly to further stave off interruptions. It also contains a key ingredient to support a normal prostate size, which works around the clock and provide men with additional peace of mind.

How to Use TruFlow

Taking TruFlow is really simple. The label directs you to take two softgels 30-60 minutes before bed, and they’re small and easy to swallow.


What Are the Ingredients?

TruFlow contains both beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto extract (not the cheap powder often found in other prostate supplements). These are the two most popular prostate support ingredients. Too many so-called prostate “solutions” on the market include just one of these ingredients (if either at all), and the bulky capsules  and tablets can be packed with fillers rather than efficacious compounds. TruFlow’s inclusion of both premium ingredients really sets it apart.

TruFlow also contains melatonin and GABA, two time-tested ingredients so you can fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. They specifically help you ignore minor urges to get up and go due to an aging prostate. Melatonin is a critically important hormone that helps maintain your natural sleep patterns, and GABA, a neurotransmitter, also aids in the production of sleep-regulating hormones.

Do These Ingredients Actually Work?

Even though TruFlow launched recently, men are already reporting fewer bathroom trips at night, better sleep, regained intimacy with their significant others, and restored confidence from less dribbling. Plus, they feel better overall knowing that they are supporting a healthy prostate size.

Trying TruFlow

Force Factor is serious about helping men across the country support their prostate health, so they’re offering a limited number of complimentary bottles of TruFlow on their website. Just click the link below to claim your bottle now.

If you want to skip the sample and start using TruFlow tonight, full supplies are now available at GNC stores nationwide.

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