The Best Times During the Day to Take a Break

- in Stress Management

When it comes to work, we all wish that we can be productive most of the time. We all have that someone in the workplace that always seems to be on-the-groove when doing his or her tasks. Many of us wish for that sort of productivity but it’s really easier said than done. What if I tell you that the secret to a good stream of productivity is to know the best times to take break? This might sound like counterproductive but it’s true that those with incredible ability to get things done are those who know how and when to take a breather.

Working smarter, not longer

According to a recent study about the habits of the most productive employees, the common denominator among them is their ability to take effective breaks between tasks. What’s surprising is that the employees with the highest productivity ratings don’t even work eight-hour days. Apparently, the very secret to maintaining high levels of productivity is not to work longer – it is all about working smarter by taking frequent breaks.

The rule of 52 and 17

So when is the best time of the work day to take a break? According to the said study, the most productive employees work for 52 minutes at a time, then take a break for 17 minutes, and then back to the grind again. This might seem like a random number but the balance between the working time and the break is somewhat perfect. This is very similar to the Pomodoro technique which is working for 25 minutes then taking a 5 minute break. During the break, it is highly recommended that you get out of your desk and do something else.

Work treated as sprints

The main reason why the most productive employees are able to get more things done during their comparatively short periods of working time is the fact that the working times are treated as sprints. During the 52 minute working time, the most productive people will work with the most intense purpose and free from distractions. Then they will take that 17 minute break and get ready for the next burst. During the break, you should completely take yourself out of work as opposed to checking your emails or opening your social media accounts.

A person just can’t be 100% productive the whole day; it’s simply not humanly possible. This particular trick will help you maintain the highest level of productivity without burning out.