South Beach Skin Lab Review: Not Your Average Skincare Line

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There is no shortage of anti-aging remedies on the market today, but how many of them actually work? South Beach Skin Lab is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry by offering a product line based on science that can deliver real results to real people just like you!

Almost everybody has a facial blemish or two they would like to smooth over, so check out their lineup below to determine which product(s) best suit your needs.

Repair & Release Cream – For Youthful Looking Skin

The Repair & Release Cream from South Beach Skin Lab is formulated to improve the appearance of stubborn areas of the face, including crows feet, brow furrows, and lip lines. It includes several powerful wrinkle-fighting peptides such as Argireline NP and Matrixyl 3000 to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Argireline NP contains three amino acids that help constrict the movement of facial tissues, preventing new wrinkles from forming. Matrixyl 3000 encourages your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, proteins essential for smooth skin.cream

The product also contains all-natural moisturizers to give skin a youthful glow while helping it feel fresh. Shea Butter Aloe, Sunflower Oil, Green Tea Extract, Olive Fruit Oil, and Grape Seed Extract are among the many moisturizers included in its formulation.

This product is intended for use twice per day (morning and night) after washing your face. Many users report significantly more youthful-looking skin after their first application, but it should be used regularly for best results. It is suitable for all skin types and ages, and has no adverse side effects when used as directed. If you’re interested in a more youthful appearance, this product is for you!

Eye Lift Serum – Say Goodbye to Bags and Dark Circles

The Eye Lift Serum by South Beach Skin Lab was formulated specifically with the needs of the sensitive tissues around the eyes in mind. It contains Haloxyl and Eyeliss peptides to help tighten this sensitive skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They also help to even out your skin tone for a more balanced appearance.

eyeserumInflammation can wreak havoc on the eye area, so the formulation includes Rosehip Oil and Witch Hazel to act as protective antioxidants. Finally, Cucumber Extract is used as a gentle moisturizer to lends your eyes a positively stunning appearance.

Like the Repair and Release Cream above, this product should be used regularly both morning and night for optimal results. If you struggle with the appearance of the skin around your eyes, this is the serum for you!

Olive Oil Cleanser – Freshen Up in Minutes

The South Beach Skin Lab Olive Oil Cleanser is a cleansing agent designed to remove the dirt particles, oils, and other contaminants that can clog your pores and damage your skin’s appearance. It is best used before the products above so that nothing is obstructing their powerful ingredients from penetrating your skin and working their magic.oilcleanser

The Olive Oil Cleanser is best used in the shower, where you can easily lather one pump of product on your face and neck before washing it off. Many users report that their skin is softer and more supple after using this product as well.

Dr. Ryan Shelton – The Mind Behind South Beach Skin Lab

Dr. Shelton is a double-board and N.A.B.N.E-certified physician specializing in alternative skin care remedies. He has been working with women for nearly a decade to improve the appearance of their skin, and lends his expertise to every formulation in the South Beach Skin Lab product line.

drryanPrior to working with South Beach Skin Lab, he earned his MD from the prestigious Bastyr University and a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Kansas. He previously worked as the Director of R&D for the University Compounding Pharmacy and as a telemedicine Chief Medical Officer, a position that entailed helping patients find the right medical professionals for their needs.

Dr. Shelton also founded the Whole Body Health Clinic for Women, an organization dedicated to helping women look and feel their best. Clearly, South Beach Skin Lab could not have hoped for a more qualified medical professional to help formulate their products.

Final Thoughts

Each offering in the South Beach Skin Lab product line works well on its own, but they are designed to be used as an incredibly effective set. Customers receive favorable pricing on bulk orders and when purchasing multiple different products at once, so new users are advised to treat them as a package deal. For more information or to order these fabulous products, visit the South Beach Skin Lab site today and be sure to read their amazing blog!