Some of the Ways Sleep Deprivation Could Affect Your Body

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Everyone knows having a full 8 hours of sleep is important for a healthy, long life, but just can sleep deprivation affect us negatively? Sleep deprivation accounts for a lot of the major health issues in the country these days such as morbid obesity, high blood pressure levels and even depressive disorders. Sleep deprivation in kids may even result in symptoms of hyper activity as well as attention deficit disorder.

Whether individuals are aware of it or not, a continued deficiency of quality sleep generates a cycle of long-term effects which will ultimately take a toll on one’s body.

  1. Severe depression

Research has shown that severe depression can present itself as a consequence of sleep deprivation. We are not referring to the mild depression all of us face a few times a week, we are dealing with life-threatening, hardcore depression here. As you might have guessed, being is such a state is nowhere near to be fun.

  1. Getting sick frequently

Once your body is missing out on quality sleep, the very first thing to go is the immune system. Lacking the energy to generate white blood cells, the body becomes weak and vulnerable to attack by all kinds of harmful bacteria and viral organisms around. In addition to sleep deprivation making you become ill more often, this also makes recovery from health problems take a lot longer. Rather than taking a week or two to recuperate from a common flu, it could take as long as two weeks to a month to fully recover.

  1. Weight gain

The last major side effect of sleep deprivation is the increase in body fat, typically in the backside and across the abdominal section. This is sensible because the majority of the fat burning process the average Joe does is every night, while they are soundly asleep. If you’re taking considerable reductions to your full 8 hours of healthy sleep, you simply can’t expect the body to have time get rid of fat for you. Be ready to experience a major rise in body fat on your whole body, if you intend on making sleep deprivation a part of your daily routine.

If these adverse effects of sleep deprivation does scare you, then it is high time that you make sure that you get a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If that’s a challenge, we suggest you check out one of our favorite supplements, Peptiva. You don’t really want to feel terrible most of the time due to sleep deprivation, do you?