Peptiva Probiotics Review – Restore Digestive Health While You Sleep!

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Peptiva Probiotics

Peptiva Probiotics is a new probiotic supplement designed to help you get quality sleep and restore healthy gut bacteria.  By now, you’ve probably heard of probiotics. Probiotic supplements contain living microorganisms that can be extremely beneficial for efficient digestion.


Peptiva’s probiotic strains have been clinically validated to give exceptional results.  This supplement also includes ingredients that are known to assist a calm, relaxing night’s sleep.  Taken before bed, you’ll be able to restore your healthy gut bacteria and stay asleep.

Formulated by Dr. David Katz, co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, this supplement sure to be a hit with anyone suffering from mild to severe digestion issues.


The Benefits of Probiotics

The recent buzz has helped bring probiotics into the main stream.  Due to being covered on major news sites and television personalities, probiotic supplements are now more accessible than ever.  The main benefits of probiotics begin within the gut and digestive system.  The gut plays such an important role, that the level of healthy bacteria in our bodies can actually alter our mood.  It’s true!  What we eat actually affects how we feel.  This is why the gut has been called our “second brain”.

However, poor gut health can lead to negative health effects.  Taking probiotic supplements on a daily basis can help alleviate many terrible symptoms like bloating and digestive discomfort.

How Peptiva Probiotics Help the Body

Peptiva-ingredients-330x387One of the main benefits you are likely to derive from the use of Peptiva Probiotics is a boost in relaxation to better prepare you for great sleep.

Probiotics are recommended for people that experience digestive problems. These supplements can be used for various functions of the body.

Peptiva achieves all these benefits while you sleep.  Having troublesome digestive problems can lead to difficulty sleeping at night.  That’s why Peptiva has included helpful ingredients to aid you in getting a good night’s rest.

Why Peptiva is Ideal for Sleep Problems

If you have trouble going to bed, this digestive sleep supplement could be right for you.  By taking Peptiva 30 minutes before bed, not only will you be able to fall asleep, you’ll also be getting the many benefits of probiotics.

Once asleep, don’t worry about having to wake up over and over in the middle of the night.  Peptiva includes Melatonin and Valerian Root – both well known ingredients to promote sleep.

Is It Safe To Use?

The packaging may vary depending on the form you choose but all of them provide a date of expiry and information regarding the ingredients. All Peptiva products are considered friendly to vegetarians with no know side effects.  The product can be used within 18 months of manufacture and will remain effective up to the date of expiry.

It is recommended to take Peptiva on a regular schedule.  By staying consistent, as with anything, you’ll reap the rewards faster.

Should You Buy It?

Peptiva is one of many probiotic digestive supplements on the market today.  There aren’t many, though, that also help you sleep.  Since Peptiva addresses sleep issues and promotes a healthy gut, we think buying it is a no-brainer.

Peptiva sells for $59.99 on the GNC website for a 30 day supply.  However, you do have the option of trying a sample directly from the company.

For any questions, you can contact Customer Service by calling 1-800-355-6050 or reach Peptiva by email at

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Peptiva Probiotics Review – Restore Digestive Health While You Sleep!

Peptiva Probiotics Peptiva Probiotics is a new probiotic supplement designed to help you get quality sleep and restore healthy gut bacteria.  By now, you’ve

Peptiva Probiotics
We think Peptiva Probiotics is a great way to help you sleep and restore balance to your gut. With their clinically validated probiotic strains, Peptiva could be the perfect supplement to take right before bed. And for $60 for a 30 day supply, the reassurance of a healthy gut costs less than a regular cup of coffee at $2 a day!
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