Michael Asimos’ Take On Living A Proactive Lifestyle When You’re Traveling

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when you're on the go think of the ways to stay healthy that will help you in the long run

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. From the gym to the food I put on the table and even healthy thinking, living a life that puts your body and mind first is so important. However, when I began traveling more for my wine business, I had to relearn how to be a “healthy me” on the go. From eating right to sleeping well, here’s what I’ve learned in all my years as an expert international traveler.

The Jetset Life

Traveling can be difficult – not only on your mind and mental health but also on your overall health. Trying to fall asleep in a new room each night can be a challenge, even if you’re an adult. Not to mention that finding time to eat right in an unfamiliar city and remembering to exercise can all be quite taxing on your body’s systems.

When you are on late night flights or are switching to different time zones, you might find yourself wanting to eat late night snacks, most of which probably aren’t good for you. This is why it can be important to find a local grocery store where you can pick up snacks that provide more nutritional value for you. This will keep you from sending for room service desserts or from hitting up late night dive restaurants for a greasy fix. Preparation is key.

The Many Splendors Of Water

water can help curb your appetite when you're on the go and travelingWhen you drink plenty of water, you’ll feel better from the inside out. Dehydration can lead to a lot of issues while traveling, like feeling fatigued or it can contribute to loss of concentration (just to name a few things). It can also make you think you’re hungry when really your brain is trying to gear you towards and a nice cold bottle of H2O.

Keeping water on hand is extremely important while you’re flying nationally or internationally. Have a reusable water bottle handy when possible, and think of ways to possibly flavor it to keep you from reaching for the soda bottles. From organic flavor packets to a simple lemon or lime, there are ways to make sure your water isn’t boring.

Sleep Like You Mean It

While it can be really difficult to not get out and see all the sights of a new city or country when you are traveling, it’s more important to get the sleep that you need within the first few days of travel. This is especially true for international travel where jet lag is present and so is culture/time shock.

So while you may want to see the Eifle Tower or brave the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s best to sleep when you can and take your free time to explore. When you do take the time to catch those “Z’s”, you will actually feel like exploring your new surroundings.

If you are having trouble sleeping, try using melatonin or keep eye masks on hand. Melatonin can help ease your mind into a more restful slumber. Eye masks can block out sunlight so your body has a better chance to return to a normal sleep rhythm.

Walk It Out

get in some walking when you're traveling for a healthy lifestyleTraveling can mean putting the brakes on a great workout routine. In some cases, hotels will have gyms and you should use them to your full advantage if you can.

Some cities will even have gyms that let you pay by the day and not take on a membership. However, this may not always be possible and this is when you have to get creative about being on the move.

So if you can’t get to the gym, why not walk or run to your meeting if you’re on a business trip? Don’t take the taxi a few blocks.

Instead, walk to your destination. Try taking the stairs in your hotel room or other buildings that you visit and never miss the chance to get out and site see when you aren’t in need of sleep. Site seeing leads to walking and walking equals exercise. It may not be the weight room but it will do until you get back home. Just 20 minutes can make all the difference in your energy levels!

You Are What You Eat

eat a balance diet so that you can stay healthy while travelingBeing on the go means eating out a lot. But do you have to every day you’re in a new place?  Sure, you will want to eat out a little, but if you’re able to cook a little bit while you’re away, you will save yourself a LOT of calories.

If eating out is your only option, look for healthy choices. Many restaurants have special sections on their menu that feature lighter fares.

Opt for a good protein made from the grill and add steamed veggies instead of rice, for example. You can’t go too wrong here even if the chef douses the meal in a ton of salt. Keep alcohol consumption down as well, though it may be difficult if you’re in a beautiful city like Paris or London.

But it’s possible with a little discipline! And besides, if you really do need to add a nice glass of something with your meal at the end of the day, then stick with wine as your go-to option. The health benefits it contains makes it ideal when you want to think about your health but just need to unwind after a long day.

Balancing Everything Out

While it takes some planning, you can certainly get good at healthy living while traveling. It will take some practice and a lot of follow through, but after a while, it almost becomes second nature.

After all, if you can travel around the world on your own you can do just about anything. And that includes creating a healthier, happier you. So if you’re traveling for work, fun or maybe for both throughout the year, incorporating these quick tricks can help you stay on track like you want!

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