Magnum Blast: A Powerful Supplement For Men [2018 Review]

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Magnum Blast

Magnum Blast may help boost men’s testosterone levels and can possibly lead to higher overall energy levels, more endurance during workouts, generally increased stamina, elevated libido and enhanced blood flow. The product is a dietary supplement that can work most effectively alongside healthful eating and regular exercise.

For men who do work out several times per week, things like extra muscle mass, more energy, and more efficient fat-burning are often important goals. Magnum Blast can help men who want this kind of total performance result.

Why are the Ingredients Unique?

The makers of Magnum Blast have combined four ingredients into a unique blend that gives the supplement its power. No other supplement on the market contains this exact blend of components, nor are there any single foods that a person can eat to get all four of the key ingredients of Magnum Blast. To take advantage of the advantageous properties of the proprietary blend, men need to use this supplement.

How Can Each Ingredient Help Men?

Magnum Blast Ingredients

The four ingredients of Magnum Blast work together for a synergistic effect.

Individually, here is what each one is responsible for:

Tongkat Ali (400 Milligrams): This is actually an herb found in the remote Malaysian rain forests. It can possibly cause the body’s hormone levels to reach proper levels and could enhance the overall level of the body’s libido.

L-Arginine (250 Milligrams): For people who want to reduce their blood pressure, L-Arginine has been shown to be effective in some cases.

It also has the capacity to make workouts more effective by ramping up the body’s total blood flow capacity.

L-Arginine is one of the members of the amino acid family of compounds and is very important in nutrition.

Many people use it as a stand-alone supplement for improving athletic performance, as a booster for the immune system, reducing high blood pressure and even for treatment of the common cold.

Ginseng Blend (125 Milligrams): A combination of different kinds of ginseng is said to be able to help with muscle endurance, which can lead to more productive workouts.

Maca (250 Milligrams): Maca is known to have the potential to assist with memory improvement, energy levels in the body, enhanced athletic ability, and an overall increase in stamina.

Is There a Downside to using Magnum Blast?

Women are out of luck because Magnum Blast is designed for men only, and for adults only. So, the down side is that kids and women are not able to use it. Also, anyone who wants to begin supplement usage should consult with a medical professional before doing so.

Is Magnum Blast Only for Athletes and Young Men?

Definitely not! Men who work out can possibly see results in the gym because they could be able to work out longer and have more energy during workouts. But Magnum Blast is designed to work all day long to help with things like higher energy levels, increased libido, better blood flow, enhanced memory, and overall health. Magnum Blast is for ANY man who wants to lead a more energized lifestyle, of any age and any physical ability level.

Can Men Buy Magnum Blast in Retail Stores?

At this time, Magnum Blast is only available through the manufacturer’s website at Consumers can direct-order a month’s supply for $94.99 with no charge for shipping and handling. Men who want to test-drive the product can ask for a free 14-day supply by simply filling out a short order form on the site and paying $4.95 for shipping/handling.

If you’re still curious about Magnum Blast, we encourage checking out this review on Magnum Blast which was recently featured on this popular fitness blog to see what they had to say.

Is Magnum Blast Worth the Price?

We think Magnum Blast is certainly worth the price because it is one of those rare supplements that live up to their claims. And anyone who is hesitant can simply do the 2-week trial and see for themselves how the product performs. The ingredients are top-notch and clearly labeled, which is another rarity in the supplement market.

We found that Magnum Blast really did lead to more efficient workouts and enhanced physical performance. It also seemed to almost immediately cause a generally higher level of energy, whether in the gym or anywhere else. Our experience with the supplement was completely positive with respect to each of the claims made by the manufacturer.

Bottom line: Magnum Blast is a good value for men, is effective, and easy to order.