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kodiak cakes

Ever Wanted To Eat Pancakes and Stay Healthy?

Clean eating continues to soar in global popularity. As part of this trending food diet, the focus is strictly on consuming whole or “as is” foods. This includes fresh meat, fish, and poultries — along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Health critics try to eliminate as much processed food as possible, as well as dairy and some grain products. Kodiak Cakes are a new line of healthy pancake and waffle mix designed to help you scratch out processed foods from your diet.

Eating healthy and daily exercises also boots metabolism rates, which lead to more pounds and calories being burned. Similarly, the eating clean is designed to purify the blood making it easier to convert fat into lean and health muscle.


Are Kodiak Cakes Good For Weight Loss?

While the eliminating carbs has helped countless people shed unwanted pounds, there is still a grey area regarding certain foods. Since processed grains tend to put on weight, why should you be replacing your pancake mix with whole grains?  Kodiak Cakes are essentially wheat-based hotcakes that are natural, delicious, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

With a tradition that dates back to 1982, this family owned and operated business continues to thrive today. This, of course, is courtesy of Baker Mills, which specializes in making Kodiak Cakes, waffles, and flapjacks with a strong emphasis on whole grain ingredients.

An Excellent Source of Protein

Kodiak Cakes are considered a great source of protein and calcium. They also help tackle any cravings during diet and fitness programs. In fact, customers have access to a range of products for all their needs. These include but are not limited to:

• Flapjacks and Waffle mixes
• Minute Muffins
• Granola Bars and Muffins
• Oatmeal Bars and Muffins
• Dessert Mixes and Gourmet Syrups

Whole nuts, berries, and bran snacks not only quell hunger cravings but also feature a range of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Kodiak Cakes also feature protein, which is needed to balance carbohydrate intake and important for muscle production and recovery.

Granola is also good for the heart, while oatmeal and bran muffins replenish vital energy levels after extensive or light workouts. While eating clean can surely a diet on its own, it is basically a combination of existing exercise and fitness techniques. This includes traditional cardiovascular exercises, along with circuit or weight training and even yoga and Pilates.

Kodiak Cakes Are Great For Building Muscle

While eating delicious Kodiak Cakes can enhance anyone’s diet regimen, exercise is still essential in securing timely and lasting results. In fact, fitness experts recommend at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular and weight training sessions (alternate days). This helps improve respiratory performance, while increasing strength, agility, and energy levels.

Weight training is especially helpful for those that want to improve their health and fitness. In fact, many athletes have experienced better mental focus, along with reduced level of fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Again, this diet is about consuming whole foods and snacks — without harmful preservatives or processed foods that entail countless amounts of sugar and bad fats.

Common Questions About Kodiak Cakes and Snacks

For those on various diet regimes, many questions have surfaced about the different snacks that Kodiak offers. We have listed some of the top questions and answers that will hopefully help you in your quest to eat right and lose weight:

Does Kodiak Have Gluten-Free Products?

Yes. Kodiak features a Gluten-free product line, including Frontier Flapjack and Baking Mixes.

Are Kodiak Products Organic?

Kodiak Flapjack and Waffle Mix is USDA certified and made from whole organic oat flour. The company is looking to add more products made from organic ingredients in the months and years ahead.

For more information on Kodiak Cakes and products, simply visit their website or contact them today.