How to Turn a Difficult Day Around By Entrepreneur Jordon Wallace Schultz

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Entrepreneur Jordon Wallace Schultz, CEO of JWS Publishing Inc., is here to share some motivational tips to all of our readers. Everyone has those bad days, there’s no denying that. Schultz is going to share a few of his tips for dealing with those difficult days. Please learn more about Mr. Schultz and his business endeavors, through an interview on

We’ve all had our fair share of bad days. Days that start out in the worst possible way but you’re proven wrong because somehow, it gets worse. These are the type of days that just suck the life out of you. If you are unlucky, the bad parts get carried over to the following day. You are told to just take a deep breath when confronted with a bad day but is it really enough?

As opposed to popular belief, you don’t have to put up with a particularly difficult day as there are ways that can help you turn the day around.

Watch a Funny Video

In a research carried out at the University of Western Ontario, individuals who listened to upbeat music and viewed a hilarious YouTube video have been more productive and better capable of solving problems as compared to groups who paid attention to depressing music and videos. So head over to YouTube and watch your favorite clip.

Write About It

Keeping a journal is an excellent strategy to release anxiety and stress since it allows you to get things off your chest in a very safe manner. Even though nobody is going to read the journal, the fact that you had written it down will make coping with the stress a little bit of easier.

Limit Your Social Media Time

Social media has been doing many beneficial things to bring folks together, but there’s a negative side. Numerous studies have demonstrated that checking social media accounts can in fact result in depression since we quite often compare ourselves to our peers, building up emotions of inadequacy and doubt. Seriously limit your time when browsing your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Give a Hug

We frequently forget about human touch as an effective method of therapy. Health providers in fact use therapeutic touch as a way of energy healing within hospitals and hospices to assist patients in recovering from surgery. So when you’re feeling a bit stressed due to a difficult, reach out to your partner, close friend, or perhaps a family member and share a quick embrace.


There should be no excuses for not working out after watching the above video. These exercises can be done from the convenience of your home.

Even though you may not feel like, hit your gym for some hardcore lifting or go for a run. Exercise stimulates blood flow and the production of endorphin aka the feel good hormone. After a good session, you should have a significantly improved mood.


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