How to Overcome Toxic Relationships in Business and in Life

- in Your Career

Just about everyone has them: toxic relationships. These come in various forms: the employer who’s pleasant one moment and then extremely demanding the next, the buddy or family member who wants that you make positive changes to plans to go with hers, or perhaps the spouse who continuously makes you feel like crap. Although it might be easy to detect toxic relationships, it’s not at all easy to eliminate them. However it is vital that you deal with toxic relationships, since they can result in anxiety and depression.

Here are various ways that will help you overcome toxic relationships in business and life in general:

Move on without them

Ask yourself, “do I really need this person in my life?” Once you erase toxic individuals from your environment it will become much easier to breathe. When the situation warrants it, get away from these individuals and move ahead when you must. Seriously, be strong and understand when enough is enough! Letting go of poisonous people doesn’t suggest that you detest them, or that you want harm to come to them; it merely means you love your own personal well-being.

Speak up

Stand up for yourself. Many individuals will do just about anything for their personal gain even at the expense of others. Don’t agree to this type of behavior. Most of these individuals realize they’re doing a bad thing and will surprisingly back off immediately when confronted. In many social environments people often stay silent until someone talks, so SPEAK UP.

Don’t think that you’re in the wrong

Toxic individuals will likely attempt to suggest that somehow you have done something wrong. And since the “feeling guilty” switch is fairly significant on a lot of us, even the insinuation that we may have done something wrong may damage our self-confidence and unsettle our resolve. Do not permit this to happen to you. The majority of toxic people act negatively not only to you, but to nearly everybody they interact with. It’s them, not you!

Connect with true, healthy and positive people

Who are the people in your life who don’t make you feel like crap? This is the time to hang on to them, and perhaps even request for tips for busting free from toxic relationships. The most optimistic, healthy individuals are often those who’ve encountered the most agonizing moments in life. They’ve lost and grieved, and so they understand what it’s like to feel pain. Connect with them, grow from them, and believe that you’ll eventually be the most positive individual you know.