How to Keep Stress from Ruining Your Day, Week, or Month

- in Stress Management

Stress is part of anyone’s life. All of us are experiencing stress from time to time and we all know that being under stress is not exactly the most pleasant experience. Being under constant stress can be detrimental to our health and overall well-being. The thing about stress is that we do not have control over situations and circumstances that puts us under it. Yes we have no control over it but it doesn’t mean that we have to deal with it in a negatively like panicking or feeling overwhelmed. Dealing with stress in such a negative way will only make matters worse.

Here’s how to keep stress from ruining your day, week or month:

• One thing you can do is to relax and breathe easily if you are under stress. Deep breathing can help you take oxygen in your blood and help you relax. In contrast, if you keep on breathing shallowly, it will only lead to faster heart rate and it will tense your muscles. Making a sound decision while relaxed is more likely than being all tense. WebMD explains how to properly breathe in order to further reduce stress.

• Take a break from your stressful life by engaging in your favorite hobby or pastime. See to it that once in a while you can have a fun activity in a responsibility-free environment. Ensure that you don’t spend your free time just idling around; just do something you like.

• Some of the best techniques in stress management are those that prevent stress from happening in the first place. A good one is to acknowledge your limitations. Learn to say no if you are confronted with a task that you think you can’t handle. This is a great way to prevent yourself from getting into stressful situations.

• Making time for a quick body massage is also a great way to alleviate stress. Even a simple mini massage will do. Alternatively you can use a furniture that are specially designed for providing therapeutic massage.

• If you like to procrastinate then it is best that you break out of it. It is one of the recipes for a stressful life. Instead, get into the habit of working. If you found yourself overwhelmed with a project, then you can break it down in smaller phases and decide a deadline for each phase. Deadlines give you enough motivation and a goal to work on.

• Learn to fight stress and ditch the feeling of helplessness. Do something about a stressful situation instead of feeling like a victim. Just keep in mind that in any stressful situation, there is always a proactive way to deal with it.