How Does the Size of Your City Reflect Your Personality?

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As we all know, there are many outside factors that can affect our very personality. One such factor is your environment, or where you live for most of your life. The place or city where you have grown up as a child usually has the most influence on your personality, even as you grow into an adult. There are numerous research that can prove this particular correlation.

So how does the size of your city reflect your personality? Here are some findings according to a recent study:

Similar to Hollywood Stereotypes

While many would frown at the stereotypes that Hollywood fosters about personality types, a recent study actually revealed that they can be somewhat accurate. For example, when gathered by region, individuals in the Midwest are actually more dutiful and conventional and much less open and culturally tolerant. They adhere to traditional ideals, the status quo as well as family. They are more inclined than folks in other areas to have resided in the same state this past year and lead non-healthy lifestyles.

The West Coasts

Citizens of the West Coast, Rocky Mountain States as well as the Carolinas, however, are more laid back and creative but less agreeable. All these states incorporate a disproportionate range of non-whites and college-educated individuals. They look at themselves as more understanding of racial diversity as well as alternative standards of living. They’re more liberal in politics and more apt to be leading healthy lifestyles. Personal image and happiness are their objectives.

New Englanders and Mid-Atlantic

As for the New Englanders and Mid-Atlantic residents, they identify themselves as much less agreeable and less meticulous and more reserved and a lot more stressed-out. They consider themselves to be passionate, very competitive, liberal, spontaneous, short-tempered and aloof. They’re very likely to be female, more mature, college-educated and well-off than inhabitants of the other cities.

So to Summarize:

Upper Midwest and the South residents are friendly and conventional. One can also safely assume that they are conservative, live unhealthy lifestyles, and Protestant. As for those living in the West Coast and along the Eastern Seaboard, they are relaxed and creative. While they are very tolerant and not neurotic, they are likely to be extroverted. The people in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic has scored very high in the neuroticism scale but they are still fairly tolerant, although they are not every agreeable.