Foods You Should Avoid to Help Keep Your Teeth Undamaged

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We all know the basics of taking good care of our oral health: brushing in the morning and in the evening, flossing every day and visiting the dentist at least twice a year. However what most people miss is that the foods that we eat can contribute greatly to the vitality of our teeth. Your mother always tells you to avoid sugary foods when you’re young, and yes that still applies now. With a little bit of habit changing, you can protect your teeth for the better.

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If you want to take care of your pearly whites, here are the foods that you need to avoid or at least consume in moderation:

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits and juices are known to some of the top dental destroyers. According to many dental-related studies, prolonged exposure of the teeth to citrus foods can lead to significant loss of enamel. Amongst the worst offenders include lemons and grapefruit. Even those packets of citrus powder that you drink in a glass contains significant amount of citric acid which can lead to tooth erosion.

Soda / Soft Drinks

We all know that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. But it’s made only worse because they also contain acids that are harmful to the teeth. If you are going to drink sodas, make sure that you drink it all at once while having a meal. This is opposed to sipping it for extended periods of time. Even the sugar-free variant is now safe for your teeth. This goes for sports and energy drinks as well.


All in all, coffee and tea are healthy beverage choices. However, many people can’t resist adding sugar to their favorite drink. The caffeine in tea and coffee can lead to dry mouth and frequent drinking can lead to some serious staining. If you can’t pass on your coffee or tea, make sure you drink plenty of water while drinking and keep the add-ons like sugar to a minimum.


Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration and dried mouth. Constant alcohol consumption can reduce your saliva flow over time. This can result to tooth decay as well as other oral infections and gum diseases. Excessive alcohol consumption also increases your risk of getting mouth cancer.

If you care about your oral health, make sure you actively avoid these foods or at least, indulge in moderation.



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