Dr. Lane Sebring Discusses the Origin and Popularity of the Paleo Lifestyle

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Dr. Lane Sebring is the founder of Sebring Clinic and Paleo Pharmacy, he is a definite advocate for the Paleo diet. Dr. Sebring has years of experience when it comes to both medicine and the diet. He is sharing with us today the origin and how the diet really rose in popularity. For more information on Dr. Lane Sebring including his background and experience make sure to read this recent interview at http://inspirery.com/dr-lane-sebring/.

As far as “fad” diets go, you really can’t go far without discussing Paleo. However, branding Paleo as a “fad” diet is simply shortsighted and selling the program really short. For many Paleo practitioners, it is more than just a diet program where you get to “eat like a caveman.” For Paleo believers, it is more like a lifestyle of eating healthy. Many people have heard of Paleo due to its popularity shooting off the charts. But how did this entire movement came to be? Be sure to look at the video below for supporting evidence of the paleo diet and how it came to.

One Name to Make Note of

When knowing about you Paleo diet history, you should know the name Joseph Knowles. He’s not really the person who coined the term “paleo” per se but he certainly was the one who conceived the idea for this alternative diet program. During the year 1913, Knowles conducted an experiment where he lived in the wilderness in order to emulate the life of our hunter-gatherer ancestors from the Stone Age. He didn’t exactly hunt and gather for survival but he ate what pretty much was available in the forest.

When he went back, people were quick to comment that he turned fit, healthy and strong. He also predicted that America’s urbanization will greatly deviate from the natural way of eating which isn’t exactly healthy.

Contemporary History of Paleo

During the year 1975, a book called “The Stone Age Diet” was published by gastroenterologist Walter L Voegtin. In his book, he believed that the diet from our Paleolithic era ancestors will help keep us fit and strong. The Paleolithic era was still free from the agricultural revolution. He also believed that 99.99% of our genetic blueprint came from our Paleolithic ancestors which only make sense that we should adopt a Paleo diet program in order to keep us naturally healthy.

Modern Popularity of Paleo

It was not until the 80s and 90s when Dr. Voegtin’s suggestion gained traction in the field of health and science. The 21st century has seen the surge of people becoming more conscious with their health. It wasn’t long before Paleo has been brought into the spotlight. Back in 2013, Paleo is the top most searched diet. These days, Paleo is almost always mentioned in fitness magazines and blogs. It is definitely one of the top choices for folks who are seeking a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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