Dissecting the Will to Win: How Your Competitive Nature Give You an Advantage

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Being competitive may have an unpleasant connotation in today’s world. It has grown to be, somewhat, associated with greed, jealousy and arrogance. However, feeling reasonably competitive isn’t always about ascending the figurative ladder, winning the battle or getting ahead of the race. Competitive emotions are totally normal. Furthermore, they’re inescapable. Like it or not, all of us feel competitive the vast majority of the time.

Competition within the workplace generally is a positive thing for a number of various reasons.

Increased Production

One of the many benefits of competition at work is that it can establish an atmosphere where employees propel each other to go beyond their standard limits, which can lead to improved production, both at a personal level and at the entire labor force in general. As individual production figures go up, so do those of the whole team of workers seeking to one-up each other. Competitiveness can be acknowledged using bonuses or different types of rewards.

Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you are always in your comfort zone, then it is likely that you have no competitive nature. Being a part of a competitive environment will force you out of your comfort zone because you will strive to come out on top. And this will require you to go beyond your limits and stretch yourself to grow. Leaving your comfort zone will only benefit you in the long run.

Improve Your Sense of Teamwork

Not every competition at work necessarily needs to happen at the individual level. Competitiveness can engender a sense of teamwork at work when employees are put into groups and instructed to contend with each other, which could have numerous positive outcomes that will come from employees cooperating with one another. For instance, workers can discover the value of communication and aiding another person, each of which can spill over into other parts of work like customer support.

It Will Keep Your Skills Sharp

When you get lazy, other folks will move ahead of you. It’s not hard to grow lazy particularly if your environment and organization are too. This is applicable to health, manners, work and many more. If you are constantly in a competitive environment, you will always enlist the best of your abilities, allowing you to stay on top of your game. You don’t want your skills to go rusty since it will reflect on your value as an employee.

(Update 12/3/18) Check out this article from Agam Berry of Quantified Commerce on how he uses “gamification” in the workplace.