Crystal White Smile: One of the Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Options

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Crystal White Smile is one of the best home whitening solutions.

Teeth Whitening Blues

Plenty of products claim to be able to whiten your teeth, but they all have significant drawbacks. Whitening toothpastes are frequently ineffective, and strips don’t usually work that well either. Worse, strips tend to get goop all over the place to add inconvenience to mediocre results.

Professional dental whitenings are very effective, but are too expensive to invest in regularly. They also require a trip to the dentist’s office, making them taxing in terms of time as well as money. The result is a market that lacks an affordable, effective teeth whitening solution even as a plethora of products are available to address the issue.

Crystal White Smile To The RescueCrystal White Smile is one of the best home whitening solutions.

Crystal White Smile is a new product designed specifically to deal with the problems older solutions presented. It uses the same whitening gel used in dental clinics, so you know the stuff works. It also includes an exclusive brush applicator that allows the gel to be placed directly on your teeth, eliminating the mess associated with whitening strips.

Finally, a non-bulky mouthpiece harnesses the power of LED lighting technology to activate the whitening gel, delivering teeth up to eight shades whiter in as little as 30 days! That’s right! Dentist-quality results from the convenience of your home in as little as 30 days.

You probably think that such an effective product must cost a fortune, but it doesn’t! It only costs $69 per 30-day supply, and you can get better pricing by ordering in bulk. If you have been searching for an effective, affordable whitening solution, Crystal White Smile is the product you have been waiting for!

Lighten (Your Teeth) Up A Little

By now, you’re probably curious exactly how this product works. Well, it all starts with a whitening wand loaded with the same pH-optimized whitening gel dentists use. The wand is just like a toothbrush, allowing you to apply it directly to your teeth without making a mess. Simply twist the bottom of the wand until you start to see gel coming out, and then cover your teeth with it. It takes 5-10 clicks worth of gel for most people.

Once the gel is in place, you have to activate it. The included non-bulky mouthpiece shines the same lights on the gel that dentists use, ensuring that you get the results you want. Batteries are never required, as the mouthpiece includes a cable that plugs into your computer or smartphone to charge up. This gives you the freedom to take the Crystal White Smile kit with you no matter where your busy day takes you!

Crystal White Smile is incredibly easy to use.It takes 10 minutes for each application to sink in, so relax while the system works its magic. Watch TV, read a magazine, anything is fine. Once time is up, rinse out your mouth with a cup of water and you’re done!

Crystal White Smile delivers noticeably whiter teeth in only two applications, but the product should be used for the full 30 days to get the promised eight shades whiter. You only need to apply the gel three times a week, so it’s not too hard to discover a routine that works for you.

If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, the Crystal White Smile package also includes desensitizing gel that makes the system more comfortable to use. It isn’t strictly necessary to improve the appearance of your teeth, but the manufacturer recommends it even if you don’t think you have a problem. The gel helps remineralize your teeth, protecting them from common everyday hazards.

Your Next Whitening Wonder?

The best place to purchase Crystal White Smile is directly from the manufacturer. While a one-month supply will run you $69 on sale, purchasing two at once lowers the unit price by $10 to $59 each. Order three to save even more ($49 per unit).Crystal White Smile offers convenient refill kits.

Once you have the kit, you’ll need periodic gel refills to keep your teeth looking great. Each month’s worth of whitening gel costs $39.95, but it drops to $29.96 if you enroll in the company’s subscription service. Subscriptions offer a variety of other perks such as the freedom to cancel at any time or adjust your order from a convenient online portal, so it’s definitely the way to go.

To sum up, we strongly recommend Crystal White Smile to anybody looking for whiter teeth at an affordable price.