Craniosacral Therapy: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

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Craniosacral Therapy Benefits

There are various holistic remedies that are designed to provide the maximum amount of relief and wellness by targeting specific systems in the body. Among these is craniosacral therapy which is designed to promote wellness and provide relief by manipulating the craniosacral system, the system that supports the central nervous system with a network of spinal cells, tissues, membranes, and fluid. Is craniosacral therapy  an effective therapy and wellness option for those who are suffering from stress, chronic pain, fatigue, and other ailments?

What Exactly is CranioSacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a therapeutic wellness and healing technique that uses gentle pressure on the bones, soft tissue, and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the nervous system. These components are collectively known as the craniosacral system. Applying finger pressure to the system can help reduce pain, moderate stress, and improve overall health and wellness.

With touch, the practitioner evaluates the craniosacral system by feeling the various areas of the body for ease of movement and flow of cerebrospinal fluid, known as the craniosacral rhythm, as it goes around the brain and the spinal cord. Gentle pressure using the finger pads is used to determine if the rhythm is normal or not by looking at the amplitude, rate, and symmetry of the flow. The same pressure is then used to release knots and blockages in the tissues in the craniosacral system.

Is CranioSacral Therapy Safe?

Craniosacral therapy is totally safe when done sensitively by a trained practitioner. It is a holistic treatment option that does not rely on chemical or pharmaceutical components to bring relief which means it does not come with the side effects that accompany conventional pain relievers. Also, because the amount of pressure being applied is so low, the therapy is particularly helpful for those who are sensitive to other forms of bodywork like conventional massage.

Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy

Relieves Stress

Stress happens when stimuli disturbs the body’s physical and mental balance. While stress provided an evolutionary purpose that helped early humans survive from predators, it can do more harm than good when it becomes chronic in nature. A situation when the body is constantly in a heightened alert response when there is no need for this reaction can eventually damage the cells, leading to the deterioration of organs and illness like heart disease, diabetes, liver and gut problems, dementia, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Craniosacral therapy manages stress by reducing chronic pain, fatigue, decreasing anxiety levels, eliminating muscle tension, and putting the body in a calmer, balanced state so that it can maintain a state of healthy equilibrium.

Provides Pain Relief

Craniosacral therapy can help provide pain relief by stimulating the tissues to release pressure and promote relaxation. A study published in the Clinical Journal of Pain found that CST was effective in alleviating the neck pain of study participants. Touching specific points in the craniosacral system takes the pressure off the nervous system to facilitate pain-free movement and flexibility.

Can Treat ADD/ADHD

Craniosacral therapy may be an effective holistic  therapy to help manage ADD and ADHD. Manipulations of the spinal fluid and spinal membranes can remove the structural restrictions that contribute to the development of ADD and ADHD symptoms and naturally restore normal brain function and decrease the levels of  ADD and ADHD. Proponents of CST believe that in people with ADD and ADHD, certain areas of the brain are operating at abnormally high or low levels due to the abnormal flow of spinal fluid within the brain tissue. The abnormal flow could be the reason why certain areas are not getting the nutrients they deserve, while other areas are filling up with toxic byproducts of metabolism, both of which cause or contribute to the dysfunction. The light and gentle pressure in CST can help address these blockages to restore normal flow and reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Other Benefits

Other craniosacral therapy benefits include:

–reduce frequency and intensity of migraines and other headaches
–help in the management of acute or chronic fatigue
–help manage PTSD
–assist in physical, mental, and emotional recovery from illness, trauma or surgery
–promote feelings of overall wellness

How to Find a Craniosacral Therapist

You can find a qualified craniosacral therapist in your area at: