Common Weight Loss Traps to Avoid

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Unfortunately, most of us who diet will end up falling for one of the many weight loss traps that prevent us from seeing real results. Dieting isn’t supposed to be easy or necessarily fun, and it takes a level of commitment and dedication that many of us simply don’t truly possess.

This is why you’ll hear statistics like “80% of people who go on a diet fail” or “75% of people who lose weight end up gaining it back.” Weight loss traps are everywhere, and if you truly want to get slimmer and healthier, then you’ll avoid many of these weight loss traps:

Trying to lose weight too quickly

We all want to lose weight quickly, but there’s simply too much evidence that suggests that rapid weight loss does not lead to long-term success. Rapid weight loss tends to cause several changes in the body that are not particularly good, and rapid weight loss tends to come from starvation or over-exercising. So while you may be losing weight now, you’re probably starving yourself – and thus creating a situation where you are malnourished. Otherwise, you’re likely just overworking your body, which could lead to a serious injury.

Becoming discouraged when results don’t come

Many dieters see huge weight loss results during the first few weeks, only to find they’ve hit a plateau about a month in. What’s really happening is that the body is adjusting to the new lifestyle you’ve adopted, and if you are lifting weights, you’re likely building muscle. However, because you don’t see those results translating on the scale, you may become discouraged and suddenly stop following your regime. Don’t get discouraged, know that results will come with hard work.

Focusing on what you can’t eat, instead of what you can eat

Instead of looking at the negative (what you can’t eat), you’re better off focusing on the positive (what you can eat). The more you think about what you can’t eat, the greater the temptation will be to eat those very foods. Instead, focus on what you can eat, and explore ways to consume those foods so that you don’t become bored and you avoid craving those bad foods.

Focus on doing more, instead of doing less

Likewise, instead of focusing on doing less (eating less sugar, eliminating soda, etc) focus on doing more. So instead of thinking to yourself, I should eat less sugar, you should be putting a positive spin on it (I should eat more vegetables). Instead of drinking less soda, you should focus on drinking more water. Positive thoughts like this will help keep you motivated, and prevent temptation from taking hold of you.

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