Comfort Cube Review – 2017 Stress Relief Sensation!

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Comfort Cube Review

Can A Child’s Toy Really Help Adults?

We all know that stress and anxiety can negatively impact everyday life. Despite incredible technological advancements, our lives somehow seem increasingly plagued by anxiety. With jam packed schedules, demanding work projects and the constant pressure to succeed it is easy to see why. But we tend to sweat the small stuff, too. A recent study found that more than one in ten adults admit to worrying over something as small as a low cell phone battery.  But how to we step off the endless merry go round of stress?  Enter a little device called the Comfort Cube.

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What Is The Comfort Cube?

Proven to help stop our racing minds, the Comfort Cube is a stress toy and an addicting desk gadget. The device’s sole function to reduce stress, increase focus and promote relaxation. Whether you are heading into a particularly stressful work meeting, or feeling overwhelmed by a seemingly endless to so list at home, Comfort Cube is specially designed white Comfort Cubeto keep you on track and focused on what is important.

The Comfort Cube’s small size and light weight design also mean that it doesn’t take up much room. It’s super easy to store in a desk drawer or kitchen cabinet. Better yet, bring it along with you – it fits perfectly in a purse, pocket or even the center counsel of your vehicle.

What are stress toys?

Stress toys are simple self-regulation therapy tools. Studies show that stress toys can help ease anxiety, calm racing minds, and facilitate focus and concentration. These toys often include a variety of features designed to stimulate different parts of the brain, to include clicks, spins and glides. Stress toys help stop fidgety fingers and keep the mind focused on simple sensory processing.

How do stress toys work?

Simply put, these toys provide a perfect distraction when anxiety strikes. Their basic function is to help take your mind off whatever is stressing you out in the moment and calm your rattled nerves.

There is a physiological aspect to all this as well. When you are stressed out, your body’s natural response it to tense up – to physically clench, which can actually cause muscle aches and pains. Stress toys prompt you to un clench by quieting your mind with other activities. While small, and seemingly insignificant, this can actually help to relax the muscles throughout your entire body.

What are the benefits of the Comfort Cube?

Many Comfort Cube customers report that the cube helps nervousness and anxiety. The best part is you can use the device virtually anywhere – at home, the office, and soccer practice. You name it. It is also perfect for all age groups, from school kids to adults.

Check out some of the glowing reviews from recent customers:

“I have (or should be say had) horrible anxiety. I instantly fell in love with my Comfort Cube! I bite my nails, have anxiety in cars, and have a bad habit of eating late whenever I am unable to sleep.”

“When I’m driving with my boyfriend I no longer bite my nails or shake my foot. When I go to the mall, I don’t experience an anxiety either. It is all because of this little cube. I have only had it for four days and it has already changed my life,” said one California resident. She also reported that she has not suffered a panic attack since purchasing the Comfort Cube.

Another customer also reported that his Comfort Cube helps him keep his hands busy during stressful work meetings.

How will the Comfort Cube help me focus?

Comfort Cube Class

The cube has six impressive features specifically designed to keep your busy fingers—and racing mind—entertained. Three clicker buttons perfectly combine with the flip function that allows the user to flip a switch back and forth—either slowly or quickly for a louder, more distinct sound.

It doesn’t stop there. The cube also features three mechanical gears that provide a rolling motion. There is also a ‘breathe’ feature, designed after worry stones, to serve as a stress relief tool aimed at easing anxiety. A glider, reminiscent of a gaming joystick, and a spin mechanism that acts as a rotating dial rounds out the cube features.

How does the cube compare with other stress toys?

Rest assured that the Comfort Cube is the highest quality product on the stress toy market. When you purchase the cube, you can expect only the highest quality materials and best packaging around.

Where can I purchase and how much is it?

You are only a click away. The Comfort Cube is available exclusively online, and can be easily purchased via the product website at

A two pack is the best value, at $25 and free shipping. Otherwise the device sells for $29 each, with $4.95 shipping.

However, if you know you’d like to order more, you can elect to purchase a three pack for $20 each and free shipping.

Final Verdict? Is it worth it?

All in all, the Comfort Cube is well worth the price for what it can deliver.  Best option is to grab a few, keep one for yourself and give the rest to friends as gifts or just out of good will.  The Comfort Cube is one of the best gifts that can help out anyone with high levels of stress and anxiety.

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Comfort Cube Review – 2017 Stress Relief Sensation!

Can A Child’s Toy Really Help Adults? We all know that stress and anxiety can negatively impact everyday life. Despite incredible technological

Comfort Cube
We evaluated a new stress toy to hit the market. We believe it's quality and craftsmanship are top notch and will last for years to come.
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