6 Things You Didn’t Know Were Hurting Your Sleep

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America has turned into a round-the-clock society, and we are now paying the price for that luxury of shopping for groceries at 3:00 AM and doing work 24/7. The issue is so serious that you can find problems that insufficient sleep is impacting the collective mental faculties and creativity of the American population. Without having sufficient rest, your brain works harder in order to function properly, and also with diminishing returns. Focus, judgment and response times are also quickly compromised.

How does one get a restful sleep at night? These are the things that can hurt your sleeping habits, so you’d better avoid them:


Digesting meals isn’t really a passive activity. The stomach, pancreas, circulatory system and the digestive system are all rather busy following a big meal. Additionally, eating spicy foods may lead to acid reflux while heavy meals at night can result in indigestion.


Caffeine is known as a potent stimulant that disrupts both a person’s capability to sleep as well as the quality of the rest. In the event you must consume caffeinated drinks, they ought to not be ingested six to eight hours before bedtime in order to guarantee sound sleep.


Vigorous physical exercise raises the heart rate and suppresses your capability to wind down. Intensive activities could also exacerbate pains and aches which could make you stay awake. Researchers have demonstrated that when you work out in the morning, you can quickly go to sleep during the night. Working out at night failed to help and quite often inhibited one’s ability to sleep.


Consuming excessive water can wake you up when asleep to make use of the bathroom, specifically if you are afflicted by diabetes or some other medical ailments that cause frequent urination. You will likely be better rested if you consume less water before going to bed.


Even though alcohol may help you drift off to sleep, it disrupts dreaming as well as deep sleep phases. To lessen the effects of alcoholic beverages on good sleep, it is advisable that a drink together with dinner become the final drink for the day.


The majority of Americans have a television set within their bedroom, plus the impulse to see how the program comes to an end or watch a late-night show could be powerful. Should you drift off while you’re watching television, program the TV to power down after half an hour so it’s quiet and dark while you are sound asleep.