4 Things Everyone Seems to Stress Out Over, and the 5 Reasons Why They Shouldn’t

- in Stress Management

Whether we want it or not, stress is pretty much a natural part of life. We all experience it. Whenever we are confronted with stressful situations, we all wish that we could just eject ourselves from that tiresome situation. But alas, in most cases, we have to deal with the stressful situation even if it’s against our will. But, have you ever thought that many of these stressful situations feel more stressful than they should?

Here are some things that people seem to get stressed out over and the reasons why they shouldn’t:

Always running late for work

You set your alarm clock with enough time to prepare for work. A number of mornings you even allow yourself hours, but you’re still constantly running late. There’s always just an additional thing for you to do really quick, which prevents you from going out the door.

Reason why you shouldn’t stress out: Allotting an excess of time to prepare yourself each morning offers a great deal of opportunity to get distracted, and our thoughts may start racing before the body. Instead, make a to-do list to make you more focused and ensure that you keep distractions (TV, computer, smartphones) at bay.

Blowing an important deadline

You always find yourself in an on-edge situation because you are often close to blowing out an important deadline at work.

Reason why you shouldn’t stress out: Just remember that you shouldn’t set yourself up for failure. It’s another thing to challenge yourself but make sure that what you’re accepting is realistic.

Person who pushes your buttons

It can be your mother-in-law, your co-worker or those that you meet at your little girl’s ballet class. These individuals simply make you crazy and the mere idea of seeing them makes your own heart race.

Reason why you shouldn’t stress out: You shouldn’t let anyone make you feel down without your permission. The best thing you can do is just ignore them because internally ranting will only make things worse for you.

Tossing and turning at night

You keep being restless during bedtime and it’s starting to make you insane. You realize you’ll get much less sleep now and even though your body feels worn out, your brain just won’t shut down.